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  • LED TV

    19″ 22″ 23.6″ inch (16:9 Widescreen) LED TV 4K android smart television

    Original A+ HD panel, health, energy saving and radiation protection super image processing engine, faster and smoother, truly restore realistic color smooth cinema technology, enjoy your own private home theater color enhancement technology, no flicker, and present you with perfect and exquisite audio.

  • LED TV

    32″ 40″ 43″ inch LED TV Regular Full HD screen best selling

    Nano explosion-proof reinforced tempered glass, anti-waterfall, anti-smashing and anti-scratch.

    GAIA AI system is comprehensive, intelligent and upgraded. Based on AI engine, it can continuously learn and evolve, identify user behavior more comprehensively, understand users better, think actively and serve actively, intelligently adjust system resources according to different users’ needs, and personalize and customize for users. The “just right” intelligent solution is more applicable, more worry-free and caring.

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