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QLED is an advanced LCD technology for better pictures, with more colors and stronger contrast than before. The extra film between the LED lighting and the liquid crystals in the LCD panel is unique to QLED.

Particular particles, so-called quantum dots, are accommodated in the film. If the background lighting illuminates these, they emit pure red or green – a further development compared to older LED devices that were not yet able to cleanly separate the primary TV colors.

As a result, the quantum dot technology delivers exceptionally high color purity and contrast quality, which remains stable even with bright images.

Benefits of QLED TV:

QLED televisions offer various advantages compared to conventional LED devices

●They enable the display of a large color spectrum. Bright colors are also displayed saturated.
●Basically, QLED screens offer the highest peak brightness possible. This is stable even with large, bright images. This makes the devices ideal for use in bright rooms.
●The QLED technology can also be installed in very large televisions. Thus, screen diagonals of 85 inches and more can be realized.
●QLED TVs are burn-in protected.

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About Hanle Industrial:
Guangzhou Hanle Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. is a company offering high-quality LED TV products, excellent services, and solutions for customers. It has developed innovative products that help customers improve their long-term value.
Why Choose Us??
●Professional company: Henle industry deals with their customers professionally. All the members of the company staff never misbehaved with their customers.
●Deal with a wide variety of products: Henle Industry have an extensive range of home appliances, and every single product is made with pure material.
●Excellent engineers and production house: The engineers working in Henle Industry are well qualified and experienced in their work.
The Takeaway:
If you are not primarily looking for a TV for a darkened home cinema but also want to watch TV really well in a bright room, QLED TVs are definitely a genuine recommendation.

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