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Guangzhou Hanle Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development, production, sale and service of LED TV. With innovative products, services and solutions, Hanle is constantly innovating in the field of household appliances to help customers improve their long-term value.

Smart TV purchase should focus on the quality of the picture, and in general, the better the picture quality, the more expensive, rather than the performance of the performance.

It is recommended to comprehensively select TV size according to your budget.

With regard to the size of the TV, you can contact us through the website, we will send you a comparison of each size.

Generally, eye-catching mode is anti-blue light, 400-460 nm wavelength blue light is really harm to the eyes.

The first is the viewing experience, that is, quality. The second is to use the experience during the use of the operation, it is easy to use and smooth, the film is rich, and most of the wonders can be installed. You can install third-party software expansion sources and functions, and your ads are as small as possible.

1. Remember to turn off the power of the TV when not in use
2. Adhere to the indoor ambient temperature and do not let things with moisture properties enter the TV

Resolution refers to how many pixels the monitor can display. The higher the resolution, the more pixels displayed on the display, and the more detailed and clearer the picture displayed will be, and more content can be displayed.

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